Ochre Contemporary Dance Company

Within Space - Dance Performance

TEDxPerth 2015
November 2015

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Within Space - Dance Performance | Ochre Contemporary Dance Company | TEDxPerth

A delicate work of love and loss, Within Space is performed by Floeur Alder and Jesse Martin of Ochre Contemporary Dance Company. It is choreographed by Gary Lang of the Larrakia Nation, Darwin.

Ochre Contemporary Dance Company brings together Indigenous and non-Indigenous dancers, choreographers and arts professionals. Through this exchange, Ochre explores who we are, our heritage and our relationship to the land and to each other. Ochre’s goal is to build understanding and, through understanding, respect.

Ochre is uniquely Western Australian dance troupe. By drawing upon life and heritage, the Company stages emotionally charged performances that speak to the human spirit.

Ochre Contemporary Dance Company
Deeply rooted in ‘life and heritage’

Ochre Contemporary Dance Company has built a philosophy from which it forms its basis of intent, its meaning and ultimately its productions. 

This philosophy, drawn from the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community and the land, will underpin its value and its claim to build wider understanding. 

The way forward is to bring Aboriginal and non-Indigenous dancers/choreographers and arts professionals together to present stories which identify who we are as humans, our heritage and our relationship to the land and each other. 

The Company is deeply rooted in ‘life and heritage’ and continues to build its claim on this as a unique connection to the Western Australian story which can be told to the rest of the world in deep and emotionally charged performances that go beyond simply ‘dance and steps’ to speak to the human spirit.