Jeff Hansen

Why we need unexpected allies to fix climate change

November 2020

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Why we need unexpected allies to fix climate change | Jeff Hansen | TEDxPerth

To tackle the climate emergency we'll need to work together, leaving our preconceptions of each other at the door. Under Jeff's leadership, Sea Shepherd has co-operated with many organisations and governments in unlikely alliances to achieve common goals.

Jeff Hansen

Jeff has co-led and led many
conservation campaigns to victory,
including ending the Western
Australia shark cull, stopping
the world’s largest gas hub from
going through the middle of the
world’s biggest humpback whale
nursery off the Kimberley coast and
stopping oil-giants BP, Equinor and
Chevron from drilling for oil in the
rich, fragile and biodiverse waters
of the Great Australian Bight.

He believes that no task or foe is
too big or too hard when a group
of passionate and dedicated
people come together to work
towards a common goal.
Jeff is a qualified Electronic and
Computer Engineer (hons) and
is the great nephew of Teddy
Sheean VC, a decorated World
War II hero who served upon
the HMAS Armidale in 1942.
Jeff likes diving, surfing, skiing,
painting and keeping fit, having
completed two Ironman Triathlons
(one with a broken arm) and
a number of marathons.

He and his wife Marina are proud
parents of their daughter Abby,
10 and son Beau, 7. He believes
that nature is the greatest and
grandest show on earth and that
no government decision should
ever be made that has a negative
impact on future generations. Jeff
sits on the Board of Sea Shepherd
Global, Sea Shepherd Australia
and Sea Shepherd New Zealand.