Brendan Hammond

Why doing the right thing is good business

November 2020

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Why doing the right thing is good business | Brendan Hammond | TEDxPerth

Brendan's decades in the mining industry taught him how, and how not, to do business. Considered by many as a maverick, Brendan continues to prove that putting people and the environment at the heart of commerce isn’t contradictory. Now, at the cutting edge of a brand new industry, he has the opportunity to build the world’s largest power station, and for it to be great for people and great for our climate.

Brendan Hammond
Head of Australia at InterContinental Energy

Brendan Hammond is helping deliver the Pilbara's 26GW Asian Renewable Energy Hub, the largest power station in the world. This ground-breaking project sets a new global standard for reducing emissions at scale. Brendan will explain how it will succeed through a holistic approach to sustainability; commercial, social and cultural – and how you can do the same to lead your projects to greater effectiveness.