Ben McAllister

Why dark matter matters

TEDxPerth 2018
November 2018

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Why dark matter matters | Ben McAllister | TEDxPerth

85% of the Universe can't be seen or touched - but we know galaxies would fly apart without the mysterious and little-understood dark matter. Ben McAllister is part of a team at the University of Western Australia hoping their axion detector could unlock today's greatest scientific conundrum.

Ben McAllister
Quantum Physicist

Ben is a final year PhD Student with the ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems (EQUS). His research focuses on the direct detection of dark matter: the unknown, invisible mass that permeates the universe.

Motivated by a desire to expand humanity’s knowledge of the universe, Ben is devoted to pursuing the unknown and pushing at the boundaries of our understanding.

Ben is a passionate science communicator, driven to share the wonder and importance of science with the world. He was a Finalist at the British Council’s 2018 FameLab Australia and the Asia-Pacific Trans-Tasman 3 Minute Thesis competition.

Ben comes from an independent theatre background, having been heavily involved with a number of companies in Perth, including Midnite Youth, the University Dramatic Society, and sandpaperplane.

Ben produces podcasts with Curio Network, an independent podcast network he co-founded in 2017. Curio produces a broad range of content, from personal stories about the fascinating elements of people’s lives, to serialised narrative fiction. A new, upcoming science-communication project from Curio will unite Ben’s skills and passions.