Owen Merriman and Michael Gatt

When the best idea is no idea

TEDxPerth 2019
September 2019

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When the best idea is no idea | Michael Gatt & Owen Merriman | TEDxPerth

Planning is overrated - Owen and Michael share the benefits of living in the moment. Having started a men's group, they tackled the group's self-confidence through improvising short talks – and so a hilarious and potentially copyright-infringing legend was born! Owen Merriman and Michael Gatt have a shared passion for bringing ideas to life. A string of "creative side-hustles" has led them from charity events and apps to stand-up comedy.

Owen Merriman and Michael Gatt
Bringing 'creative side-hustles' to life

Michael loves to take an idea from the depths of his imagination and bring it to life, whereas Owen suffers from a terminal affliction of reckless optimism. Saying yes to more things than practically possible has taken him from elite-level obscure sports, to politics, to air guitar championships, to hosting Q&As with astronauts.