Kirsty Pratt

Want change? Show up!

September 2019

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Want change? Show up! | Kirsty Pratt | TEDxPerth

Kirsty took her daughter to school, then drove to Western Australia's Parliament. She occupied the public gallery for six months, advocating for a change that was close to her heart.

Driven by a keen sense of justice, Kirsty Pratt is an advocate for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. After successfully campaigning for laws that allow survivors of abuse to seek justice, she now applies these reforms as specialist Law Clerk. Kirsty wants to change the way we, as a community, discuss childhood sexual abuse - so our collective focus is on supporting survivors. 

Kirsty Pratt

For many years, Kirsty has been a powerful advocate and political activist in support of survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Kirsty has a strong connection to her community, is in voluntary roles on various committees and is the long-term foundation chair of a local school board.