Anne Poelina

Wake Up The Snake! Collective wisdom brings nature back to balance

November 2020

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Wake Up The Snake! Collective wisdom brings nature back to balance | Anne Poelina | TEDxPerth

As she witnesses billabongs drying up and sees boab trees stop bearing fruit in Western Australia's north west, traditional owner Dr Anne Poelina reminds us to Wake Up the Snake – to revive the collective consciousness and work harmoniously with nature to restore the planet in this critical decade.

Anne Poelina

Dr Anne Poelina, Nyikina Warrwa
Traditional Custodian Managing
Director of Madjulla Inc., Chair of the
Martuwarra Fitzroy River Council.
Anne is an active Indigenous
community leader, respected human
and earth rights advocate and
filmmaker. Current work explores
Climate, Water and Multi-species
Justice for Indigenous people of
the Martuwarra Fitzroy River.

A Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor
of Philosophy (Health Science)
Scholar, Anne is submitting a
second doctoral thesis entitled
Martuwarra First Law Multispecies
Justice for Land, Living Waters, and
Indigenous Peoples Wellbeing.
Anne is a Peter Cullen Fellow (2011),
Laureate Women’s World Summit
Foundation (Geneva, 2017), Adjunct
Professor and Senior Research Fellow

of the University of Notre Dame
(Nulungu Research Institute)
and Visiting Research Fellow
at the Australian National
University, Water Justice Hub.