Kai Lovel

Turn setbacks into opportunities in three easy steps

TEDxPerth 2018
November 2018

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Turn setbacks into opportunities in three easy steps | Kai Lovel | TEDxPerth

Everyone experiences setbacks. But rather than give up or be discouraged by them, young entrepreneur Kai Lovel shares his way to re-frame setbacks and see them as what they can be - a gift.

Kai Lovel

Kai is a young entrepreneur, radio broadcaster, writer, speaker and change agent, motivated by a strong sense of social justice and a passion for content creation.

He is a full-time student, and is an active participant in his school community through music, performance and debating.

At 12 he began producing and presenting on local radio, sparking his interest in creating content across various mediums. He established The Tech Thread Co, his first ecommerce enterprise months later, immersing himself in the realities of business.

Going on a year later to creating his own podcast POV (Point of View), he further explored the potential of content for good.

Quickly realising that it’s not all plain sailing as a young entrepreneur, but still passionately curious, he went on to start Millennial Studios, a media incubator for young people with the vision of creating a platform for impactful content.

He continues to advocate for young people’s potential.