Natasha Hurley-Walker

Seeing the sky with radio eyes

TEDxPerth 2016
October 2016

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Seeing the sky with radio eyes | Natasha Hurley-Walker | TEDxPerth

Radio astronomy gives us a powerful look into the origins and structure of the universe. Astronomer Dr Natasha Hurley-Walker explains and shares a dazzling and previously unreleased view of space.

Natasha is an astronomer who uses radio waves to explore the distant reaches of the Universe.

She recently surveyed the southern sky, providing data on exploded stars, super-massive black holes, and our local space environment.

Natasha Hurley-Walker
Radio Astronomer

Radio astronomy: Seeing the universe in a new light.. 

Natasha is an astronomer who uses radio waves to explore the distant reaches of the Universe. She obtained her PhD from the University of Cambridge in 2010, and in 2011 moved to Australia to help commission a cutting-edge radio telescope that is a precursor to the much larger Square Kilometer Array. Her latest achievement is using this telescope to survey the whole sky, providing a cornocopia of data on exploded stars, super-massive black holes, and our local space environment.

Communicating this research to the astronomy community and the public is important to her, and this year she has talked over beers at the Pint of Science Festival, given an invited talk at the Astronomical Society of Australia's 50th anniversary meeting, and featured in supercomputing expos such as the Pawsey Roadshow and Curtin University's Big Data Week.

Natasha and her family live in Perth, Western Australia, where she currently works at Curtin University as part of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research. Aside from her passion for astronomy, she is a keen transport cyclist, seeing it as a way to stay healthy, cut carbon emissions, and better connect with the local community. She also devours science fiction novels and enjoys film and film criticism.