Steven Tingay

Science, art, reconciliation

TEDxPerth 2012
December 2012

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Science, art, and reconciliation: Steven Tingay at TEDxPerth

Steven Tingay  explores the surprising, but fascinating connection between the Aboriginal people and astronomy.

Steven Tingay

Steven Tingay is a Professor of Radio Astronomy at Curtin University and a Western Australian Premier’s Research Fellow. He is the Director of the Murchison Widefield Array, a precursor SKA (Square Kilometre Array) telescope due to come into operation in early 2013. Steven also leads a large team of academics and students as Director of the Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy and Deputy Director of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research.

Steven seeks out experiments that are difficult and risky, but have potentially high rewards. A spokesperson for the value of science in society, he was recently awarded the inaugural Science Ambassador of the Year at the 2012 WA Science Awards.