Salon 4: Sex, love and relationships

Wednesday 5th June, 2019

The first of our 2019 Salon series was a sold out success. 

Sex, love and relationships.

Three of the most mystifying and complex experiences we will likely ever face. Forensic Sexologist and Guest Curator Amanda Lambros and TEDxPerth Curator Suzanne Waldron, brought you three remarkable speakers that helped debunk the human body, deciphered the language of love, explained why relationships seem so complicated and also why sexting could be good for you!

Curators & Hosts

Amanda Lambros

Forensic Sexologist

Suzanne Waldron

Speakers & Performers

Victoria Morrissey

Psychotherapist and Counsellor

Kai Schweizer

Writer and Advocate

Cam Fraser

Sexologist and Counsellor

Sue Crock

Facilitator and Educator