Partner with TEDxPerth

We welcome the brightest and best brands to partner with us, share our vision and engage with our community.

TEDxPerth is a nonprofit licensed by TED. Each year we present a major conference for our community, which brings together the second-largest full-day TEDx audience in Australia. We also live-stream the full event to our online audience.

Our full-day flagship TEDxPerth conference presents up to sixteen powerful talks, performances and short films. It is fully-catered and features many additional activities to engage our audience, including a Launch Reception, Speaker Breakfast and After Party. Our talks are professionally filmed, edited and presented online, for free.

We invite you to read our Partnership Prospectus and talk to us at [email protected].

Our Community

  • 2,000+ annual live audience
  • 120+ TEDxPerth talks online
  • 7,500,000+ TEDxPerth talks online views
  • 120+ speaker alumni
  • 11,000+ Facebook fans
  • 6,500+ Twitter followers
  • 12,000+ mailing list
  • 19,000,000 TEDx YouTube subscribers

Why Partner with TEDxPerth?

For the Alignment

TED and TEDx events are recognised globally for showcasing innovation, inspiration and big ideas. Partnering with TEDxPerth aligns your organistion with the powerful ideas presented to our extraordinary audience of thinkers, leaders and change makers.

For the Community Impact

Your partnership with us demonstrates to our annual live audience of 2,000+ and online community of 10,000+ that your organisation values them and believes in promoting the best ideas in our city and state. Further, your customers, staff and other stakeholders will see that you are enabling TEDxPerth in their community.

For the Exposure

TEDxPerth is the second largest TEDx event in Australia and our community is growing daily. We celebrate our partners and ensure they receive great presence, branding and recognition.

For the Value

Our goal is to create lasting partnerships with organisations who share our vision and seek meaningful engagement with our events and with our community. We work closely with you to ensure that your partnership is tailored to your needs, delivers clear benefits and meets everyone’s objectives.

Partnership Levels

  • Principal Partner
  • Major Partner
  • Partner
  • Affiliate Partner

Our Properties

  • TEDxPerth Flagship Event
  • TEDxPerth Premier Salons
  • TEDxPerth Salons
  • Launch Reception, Perth Town Hall
  • Speaker Alumni Breakfast
  • Printed Program, Flagship Event
  • Speaker Stages, Flagship Event
  • After Party, Flagship Event
  • Wine, Beer and Soft Drinks

This is a general overview of our Partnership Packages. We always tailor packages for individual partners and will confirm benefits in a Partnership Agreement. For more information and to discuss how your organisation can partner with TEDxPerth, please contact [email protected].