Our Team

TEDxPerth is driven by professionals; volunteers united by the transformative power of ideas. By giving a platform for the Ideas Worth Spreading of Perth's brightest thinkers and doers, we are proud to present a beacon for all that is remarkable, challenging and thought-provoking in Perth.

Joel Miller

Licensee and Creative Director

Gavin Buckley

Chief Executive Officer

Rob Lines

Lead Curator

Emma Gibbens


Suzanne Waldron


Rosie Cooper


Steve Browne

Film Curator

Thuy Acacio

Principal Partnerships Manager

Martin Wisker

Partnerships Manager

Cynthia Wright

Partnerships Manager

Annika Htun

Partnerships Coordinator

Katie Spalding

Production Director

Lisa Wynne

Assistant Production Director

Kabir Ramasary

Food Curator

Susanna Wolz

Salon Program Manager

Leah O'Brien

Production Manager, Flagship

Vanessa Bradley

Event and Installation Manager

Samantha Hayes

Registration Manager

Position Available

Registration Assistant

Benjamin Fry

AV Manager

Kayla MacGillivray

Installation and Event Coordinator

Olivia Boulud

Volunteer Manager

Drianca Naidoo

Volunteer Coordinator

Russell Tsingano

Salon and Volunteer Coordinator

Jane Ong

Volunteer Coordinator

Capucine Flipo

Event Coordinator, Launch

Shivani Gurung

Production Administrator

Position Available

Signage Coordinator

Annette Suann

Marketing and Sales Director

Daniel Jackson


Nikhil Gujadhur

Marketing Manager, Events

Susan Stokes

Marketing Manager, Content

Victor Hugo

Sales Manager

Position Available

Website Development Manager

Mick Lee

Lead Photographer

J.Tracey Kim

Motion Graphic Designer

Kayla Paul

Marketing Coordinator, Flagship

Linh Nguyen

Marketing Coordinator, Salons

Gabriela Villa Carrillo

Program Editor

Anna Burchfield

Blog Editor

Chris Lloyd

Director of People

Dirk Kelly

IT Manager

Jiaranai Keatnuxsuo

IT & Web Coordinator

Jessica Hodder

Finance Manager

Loren Cresswell

Board Coordinator
Speaker Coaches

Andrea Gibbs

Speaker Coach

Andy Farrant

Speaker Coach

Cindy Kennedy

Speaker Coach

Gavin Buckley

Speaker Coach

Karen Livey

Speaker Coach

Kellie Hasluck

Speaker Coach

Lisa Evans

Speaker Coach

Shil Shanghavi

Speaker Coach

Sophie Zadeh

Speaker Coach

Andy Farrant

Terrace Stage Host

Anthony Hasluck

River Stage Host

Gavin Buckley

Main Stage Host

Mike Bell

Alumni Relations Manager
Board Members

Adil Bux

Chair, TEDxPerth

Joel Miller

Licensee and Creative Director

Tracy Deveugle-Frink

Company Secretary

Keith Burke


Simon Dawkins

Board Member

Annabel Keogh

Board Member
Advisory Panel

Charlie Gunningham


Alison Gaines


Michael Tucak