Sash Milne

Nothing New

TEDxPerth 2014
October 2014

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Nothing New | Sash Milne | TEDxPerth

Sasha Milne spent 12 months buying nothing new. 

In her talk, she discusses how buying nothing new for 12 months has built an incredible community of trade and relationships around 
her and daughter. 

How buying nothing has given us everything... and the hiccups that they had along the way.

Sash Milne
Social Change Activist, Writer, Blogger, Photographer

Sash Milne is a pretty normal, every-day Perth raised 20- something. She is a social change activist, writer, blogger, photographer and all 'round hunter of the good life. In her early 20s she decided that a life lived inside the box was not one she wanted to live. She ran away from her mainstream life in search of something simpler. Sash lived in a very remote village in Indonesia for three years, where she learned some fundamental lessons about community, connectedness and most importantly, happiness. While living with nothing but the basics Sash completed her Masters in Social Change and transformed the course of her life, for good.

Sash returned to Australia as the single mum of one, with a need to incorporate her passion for community, simplicity and sustainability into a life lived down under. Sash continually challenges social norms and consumer trends by creatively connecting with other people. She launched her Nothing New project at the beginning of 2014 and soon discovered that buying nothing new is perhaps the best way of gaining everything that really matters.