Let's talk TED & TEDxPerth

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Sep 5, 2018

When a one-off technology, entertainment and design conference becomes a global phenomenon, it surely
must be worth knowing about. So, how much do you know about TED and TEDx? Here’s a handful of facts for
the curious of mind.

What is TED?
Kicking off in 1984, TED was destined to be an exclusive invite-only conference held in California. The purpose
of the conference was to bring together experts in the fields of Technology, Entertainment and Design, and to
foster a community of ideas and knowledge sharing. And while the debut didn’t quite reach the heights the
founders had hoped for, it did pique the interest of a rather influential audience across many different
disciplines, and in 1990 an official, annual TED event was launched with much success.

What is TEDxPerth?
Put simply, TEDx means an independently organised TED event. These happen all over the world, operating
under the TED umbrella as licensed franchisees. Currently there are over 10,000 TEDx events happening
around the globe! Like TED, these more localised events are based around the notion of spreading innovative
ideas, and are designed to bring people together to share in a TED-like experience. Here in Perth, we have
more than our fair share of TEDx events happening all over our wonderful city, with TEDxPerth being the
largest annual event.

TEDxPerth is a not-for-profit event, run entirely by volunteers
As with all TEDx events around Australia, TEDxPerth is run by a core group of staff who are supported by a
large team of volunteers; each with a role to play in making the annual event happen. Any money raised goes
directly into running the event itself, and it’s this community spirit that truly embodies what TED is all about.

What is the TEDxPerth Salon Series?
This year our dedicated team launched a new Salon Series – a number of smaller TEDx events being held in the
lead up to the main event at the end of the year. The first two Salons – We Need to Talk, and, Are We Too
Selfish for a Sharing Economy – both sold out and proved to be a huge success, and a third is still to come.

TED loves diversity
The days when TED focused solely on technology, entertainment and design have long since passed, and these
days you’ll find TED Talks on just about any topic you can think of – from atheism to quantum physics to public
health. The aim of these talks and global events is to spark curiosity, generate discussion, and encourage the
sharing of ideas with like-minded and passionate people. At TEDxPerth, we’re devoted to shining a light on all
the remarkable minds and knowledge we’re cultivating right here in our home state.

You don’t have to be well-recognised or famous to be a TED speaker
While some TED speakers may be well-known to us, this certainly isn’t a prerequisite for becoming a speaker.
TED is all about presenting though-provoking ideas, which may come from industry leaders, or ordinary people
with extraordinary stories. TED speakers come from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds, and each are
recognised for their unique experiences and areas of expertise, which has come to be the trademark of all TED
stands for.

TEDxPerth is growing, fast!
This year TEDxPerth expanded significantly, advertising 20 new volunteer roles in the lead up to the 2018 main
event and receiving nearly 90 applications. Just goes to show how far the TED and TEDx community message
has spread! If you’re interested in getting involved on the big day, head to
https://www.tedxperth.org/get-involved-tedxperth for upcoming opportunities.