Cathie Travers and Glenn Rogers

Live performance: Cathie Travers & Glenn Rogers

TEDxPerth 2013
October 2013

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Live performance: Cathie Travers & Glenn Rogers at TEDxPerth

Cathie Travers and Glenn Rogers combine virtuosic talent with eclectic flavours in a guitar and accordion duet. They share their beautiful folk music live at TEDxPerth 2013.

Cathie Travers and Glenn Rogers
Eclectic Guitar & Accordian Duet

Cathie Travers musical journey has taken her across the spectrum of contemporary music, roaming from rock to classical, the avant garde to the Tango, esoteric electronica to electro-acoustic jazz, gypsy and folk, with many other stops, ethnicities and adventures along the way. She is a composer and vocalist and plays the keyboard and accordion. Her work has been featured in arts and music festivals and concerts across Australia and around the world. 

Like Cathie, Glenn Rogers has played and composed in diverse styles such as North Indian, South Indian and European classical, Brazilian, third stream, R&B, bebop, rock and 20th century classical. He is a guitarist composer accomplished in both jazz and classical guitar. Glenn has performed with symphony orchestras in concert venues and festivals in Amsterdam, Belgium, India and Australia.