Rachel Claudio

How to translate the feeling into sound

TEDxPerth 2016
October 2016

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How to translate the feeling into sound | Claudio | TEDxPerth

How can a song - written by a perfect stranger - feel as if it were written about you? Composer/artist/producer Claudio explains her art, purpose and technique, and finishes with an exclusive unveiling of her new track: "I was a Rockstar".

In her solo live performances, Claudio creates and orchestrates songs with complex layering in real-time using music technology. To her, the art is in making sure both the technology and technique are driven by the heart - and achieve a delicate balance between control and instinct.

Rachel Claudio is a Perth-born/European-based artist/composer/singer/producer and university lecturer. She works with major labels and composes scores for film and TV. Her live video performances have captured the hearts and minds of millions of viewers.

Rachel Claudio

Rachel Claudio aka CLAUDIO is a European-based Perth-born artist/ composer/singer/producer, best known for her work in real-time music production – after her video interpretation of the track ‘Hey Ya’ surpassed 2 millions views, using music technology to create and perform entirely orchestrated songs live and in real time.

Much of her childhood was spent at a piano transcribing British pop and Italian operas and her adolescence was largely influenced by soul, gospel and hip hop. In 2006 she moved to Paris, France, where she began a relationship with both the French language and the world of electronic music that would ultimately see her touring as an artist in her own right, viewing her own art as an endless experiment in finding the delicate balance between control and instinct.

Claudio is a freelance lecturer in Creativity at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts; a composer/arranger/songwriter for major labels; and composer for film and TV scores.