Yoke Mardewi

Ground yourself... with sourdough!

TEDxPerth 2019
September 2019

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Ground yourself... with sourdough! | Yoke Mardewi | TEDxPerth

In searching for connection and calm, Yoke Mardewi found happiness in a bowl of dough. The slow, purposeful process of making sourdough is a reminder that we all need to notice what gives us simple joy – we all need to find our sourdough. Yoke has published three books, including Wild Sourdough: The Natural Way To Bake, and shares her love of sourdough through classes all over Australia.

Yoke Mardewi
Author & Specialist in Wild Sourdough

Well-known author and Queen of Sourdough, Yoke has brought the simple pleasures of baking to millions. Through her books, classes and TV appearances, she is spreading the sourdough revelation.