Miranda Taylor

Forget fossil fuels – change is coming faster than you think

November 2020

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Forget fossil fuels – change is coming faster than you think | Miranda Taylor | TEDxPerth

Fossil fuels and their damaging carbon emissions are on a fast track out. Miranda explains why, and how, three important factors are driving renewables faster and farther than anyone thought possible. Being too risk averse responding to climate change could be the worst mistake you can make.

Miranda Taylor
Chief Executive of National Energy Resources Australia

Miranda has been Chief Executive
of National Energy Resources
Australia since its inception in
2016. Her leadership of NERA is
bringing together the country’s
best minds from technology,
research and enterprise to
achieve NERA’s vision of Australia
as a global energy powerhouse,
a sought-after destination of
investment and leading source
of knowledge and solutions.
NERA is working with industry,
universities and researchers,
entrepreneurs, innovative
SMEs, skills initiatives and
governments to support the
cultural change and new thinking
required to overcome barriers
to collaboration and innovation,

and to ensure Australia’s energy
resources sector is staying
ahead of the global automation
technology transformation.
Miranda has extensive experience
across the energy resources
industries, working to improve
productivity, optimise operational
performance, lead HSE and risk
management and undertake
stakeholder engagement. She has
worked collaboratively with industry,
regulators and state and federal
governments and participated in a
number of governmental taskforces,
including supporting Australia’s
leadership action to address the
BP Gulf of Mexico disaster and
the implications for Australia.

She has an honours degree from
the London School of Economics
in international economics, politics
and history. Working on a kibbutz in
the Golan Heights on the border of
Israel and Syria inspired her honours
thesis in International Peacekeeping.
She has a postgraduate degree
in Australian labour relations.