Joshua Portlock

Electric aeroplanes may be closer than you think. Here's why.

TEDxPerth 2018
November 2018

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Electric aeroplanes may be closer than you think. Here's why. | Joshua Portlock | TEDxPerth

Electric power will soon disrupt the general aviation industry. This could forever change not just the design of aircraft, but the design of our cities and the way we live. In this talk, aviation engineer and entrepreneur Joshua Portlock shows why electric aviation is inevitable - and imminent. 

Joshua Portlock
Sustainable Aviation Innovator and Entrepreneur

Joshua is a sustainable aviation advocate and innovation leader. For his undergraduate project he built from scratch, and flight tested, one of the first quadrotor drones. He graduated with Honours in Mechatronic Engineering from Curtin University in 2005.

He developed a product line of ducted quadrotor drones and co-founded drone technology company Sci Aero, providing a range of aerial imaging, data capture and bespoke engineering solutions to the commercial sector for over a decade.

Joshua initially founded Electro.Aero with a philanthropic intention to help transition light aviation to environmentally-sustainable electric propulsion.

Joshua is also a proud father of his one-year-old boy Ethan and loving husband to his molecular biologist wife Felicity.