Neville Bruce

Education for World Futures: That Future is Now!

TEDxPerth 2014
October 2015

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Education for World Futures: That Future is Now! | Neville Bruce | TEDxPerth

 The 21st century presents the greatest challenges and opportunities ever faced by humankind. It will span massive transitions in technology, society, human well-being, values and our world ecosystem.

Neville Bruce discusses how he must prepare our youth to meet these challenges with awareness, understanding, engagement, empowerment and above all action. That is what Education for World Futures (EWF) is all about: but it needs enacting now! So what is the EWF idea, where is it now and how can we make it grow?

Neville Bruce
Principal and Co-founder of Education for World Futures

Neville Bruce is the principal and co-founder of Education for World Futures (EWF) and coordinates Integrated Human Studies at The University of Western Australia. 
Neville was appointed assistant lecturer in veterinary embryology at the University of Melbourne where he completed doctoral research into causes of developmental malformations. He held a postdoctoral fellowship at Oxford University where he also engaged with many of the emerging global issues facing humankind.
Neville’s teaching interests have included human biology, histology, experimental design, human ethics and more recently integrated human studies. His research interests also include the intersection of biology and psychology in conditioning human wellbeing. 
His diverse collective life experiences inspired him to help establish a new educational paradigm, Education for World Futures. His vision is that through emergent online technologies and pedagogies, students can collaborate around the world helping each other to understand what it means to be human and working together to help shape human and world futures, enhancing human wellbeing in a sustainable environment.