Samantha Grover

Can food help solve climate change?

September 2019

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Can food help solve climate change? | Samantha Grover | TEDxPerth

The ever-increasing atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide is a serious matter and the effects on climate change are starting to become obvious. Responding to it may require an "all of the above" response. Could one of those responses involve agricultural practices that increase carbon stored in the soil?

Samantha Grover aims to both reverse climate change and ensure food security by using innovative soil stewardship. She is a soil scientist, lecturer in Environmental Science at RMIT, and contributor to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Samantha Grover
Soil Scientist and Lecturer at RMIT

Samantha has been instrumental in repositioning Soil Science Australia to take a public role in advocating for sustainable use of soils in Australia. And inspired by the UNESCO International Year of Soils (and her kids) Samantha wrote a children’s book “Exploring Soils: a hidden world underground”.