TEDxYouth@Perth Rescheduled

TEDxYouth@Perth is being rescheduled

Due to new advice from the Australian Government, TEDxYouth@Perth is moving from its advertised date of 14 March 2020. We’re sorry for the disappointment – we are committed to the event happening later in the year.

If you bought a ticket you will receive a full refund (including booking charges) by 21 March onto the card you booked with.

Why has TEDxYouth@Perth been rescheduled? The Australian Government, in consultation with the Chief Medical Officer, has determined that gatherings of more than 500 people are unhelpful in limiting the spread of COVID-19. The venue will be full to its 575 capacity – TEDxYouth@Perth has proven very popular. Whilst the government set Monday as the start date for the restriction, TEDxPerth has concluded that going ahead with TEDxYouth@Perth on 14 March would be similarly unhelpful to public health.

When will TEDxYouth@Perth happen? Discussions have begun but no date has been set. Everyone due to attend the 14 March event will be given priority notice of the new date to ensure they can secure tickets. 

Will it be the same event? Until a date is set we can’t be totally certain that every speaker and performer will be available, but we’re aiming to deliver the promised event described in the program. 

TEDxYouth@Perth is the product of thousands of hours of voluntary work from dozens of talented and committed volunteers. We’re devastated that we can’t share with you the amazing event we had planned for 14 March. 

However, we remain committed to our mission of bringing our community together to celebrate ideas worth spreading and when TEDxYouth@Perth returns we’ll be so excited to share it with you.