Renae Sayers

Science Communication is a Tool for Empowerment

TEDxPerth 2014
October 2014

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Science communication is a tool for empowerment | Renae Sayers | TEDxPerth

Science communicators craft "a-ha!" moments for their audience, connecting meaning, relevance and importance with the purpose of the message.

When these a-ha or light bulb moments land, you have an amazing ability to see the world - and often yourself – differently.

Renee Sayers talks about how this spark can enhance an individual’s skills, knowledge and attitudes, catalysing the ultimate goal: increasing scientific literacy to make a better world.

It’s not just through wide-reaching and over-arching reasons like contributing to our social, economic and innovative future; or shaping minds that can observe, problem-solve and ask questions. But through letting that spark provide insight to our core. Awakening who we are and what we can do.

Sayers encourages you to embrace curiosity, delight in the whys and get lost in the wonder of our world. It could very well be the way you find yourself.

Renae Sayers
International Science Communicator

Renae Sayers is an international Science Communicator, energised by empowering people with the enlightenment and wonder that scientific literacy can provide.

Based at Curtin University in Western Australia, Renae works with the NASA Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute [SSERVI] to grow the capacity of Australian planetary science, enhancing collaborations with the global community and raising the profile here in Australia. Renae is also the coordinator of the award-winning program Fireballs in the Sky – the outreach arm of the Desert Fireball Network – extending the reach of this innovative research around the world.

Renae has previously collaborated and performed with communities in Japan, Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Singapore, and across Australia, through developing engaging programs and shows with Scitech, the Edinburgh International Science Festival and Questacon - The National Science and Technology Centre.

In raising aspirations for all through the awe and opportunity of science, Renae believes that we can make the world a better place, one light-bulb moment at a time.