Moyez Jiwa

Reinventing the doctor

July 2011

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TEDxPerth - Prof Moyez Jiwa - Reinventing the Doctor

Moyez Jiwa talks about the need for human connection with in health care.

This talk was presented at TEDxPerth prior to 2012, while it was under the direction of a different creative team led by Tim Kenworthy (now Useful Inc.).

Moyez Jiwa
Health Innovator

Professor Jiwa has 26 years experience as a medical practitioner in primary care in Ireland, the UK and Australia.

His leadership roles have included developing innovations for primary care, leading health policy, representing primary care at the interface between government and specialist services in Australia and overseas.

Professor Jiwa's research focuses on improving the diagnosis and management of chronic conditions in primary care as the foundation of an effective healthcare system. The research uses data collected from general practice to look for evidence of unmet need which affects the long term health outcomes for patients.

It focuses on clinical conditions, from health seeking behaviour to symptom assessment, from treatment to follow up. The resulting innovations help health care providers to work together for the benefit of patients.