We're seeking ambitious and forward-thinking leaders. In the race towards a carbon neutral world you may already be leading the way, or you may be looking to join the run. Either way, TEDxPerth Countdown is for you and we'd love to meet you on 25 November 2020. Here are our speakers.


Fiona Stanley AC


Anne Poelina

Managing Director, Madjulla Inc

Miranda Taylor

Chief Executive, National Energy Resources Australia

Brendan Hammond

Head of Australia at InterContinental Energy

Chantal Caruso

Director of Policy and Research at Clean State

David Carter

Chief Executive, Austral Fisheries

Christiana Figueres

'Architect' of the Paris Climate Agreement 2015

Jeff Hansen

Managing Director, Sea Shepherd
Curators and Hosts

Meri Fatin

Guest Curator, TEDxPerth Countdown

Rob Lines

Director of Curation, TEDxPerth

Gavin Buckley

CEO, TEDxPerth and TEDxYouth@Perth