The Power of the Period

TEDxPerth 2017
November 2017

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The Power of the Period | Lucy Peach | TEDxPerth

What if PMS isn’t a curse, but is instead part of a cycle that can be both a powerful creative muse and life coach? Lucy Peach shares how learning about her period has helped unlock both creativity and productivity. She shows how understanding the power of the period can transform both lives and relationships. Lucy Peach is a stadium-folk-pop singer song-writer and sexual health educator. Using science, stories and songs, this ‘Period Preacher' believes it’s time we had a new ‘Talk’.

Lucy Peach is a stadium-folk-pop singer song-writer from Fremantle, WA with a parallel career in sexual health education.

A long time proponent of menstrual cycle awareness, she used her own cycle as a tool to create music that would win her WA’s Best Folk Act of 2016. Then a chance meeting with a storytelling clown from Cirque du Soleil lead her to write and perform in a theatre piece entitled, ‘My Greatest Period Ever’. The work aims to educate women to see their menstrual cycles not as a curse, but as a blessing.



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