Our House: People, Place and Purpose

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Aug 10, 2019

People, Place and Purpose

Was what brought 180 people to through the doors of the Parliament of Western Australia on Wednesday, 31 st of July. 

Not simply to observe, but experience the inside of the sandstone house – a house of history, a house of change, a meeting place and a sentry aloft, overlooking our City, our river and our hills.

Our House

This rare opportunity gave attendees a seat at three talks within the walls of the West Australian Legislative Chambers and shared Courtyard. It is a beautiful building which few will or have seen the inside of; do we still have a connection to Our House?

Dr. Richard Walley delivered some poignant insight on the traditional spiritual connections to the act of speaking, and what it means to have a place within an Indigenous Circle of Elders.

Within the red walls of the Legislative Council, audiences were encouraged to reflect on how the act of speaking is a responsibility – how it can be the bridge for inclusiveness, sharing knowledge and building respect.

People are the driving force of civic change, and Dean Cracknell is at the helm of a growing movement.

In the crisp July air in the ambient setting of the Courtyard, we discovered the deep veins of citizen-led action emerging in Western Australia. Dean shared the ‘Town Team’ movement, groups of citizens who work directly with local Councils, are empowering communities and creating better places.

These groups know success only comes from action.

Purpose was what brought Kirsty Pratt to the public gallery of the Legislative Assembly in silent, non-violent protest – the same purpose for which she dyed her hair bright blue - a vivid fragment of her moving, powerful story. What was shared with audiences in the Legislative Assembly chamber; the same story which will resonate in the Perth Concert Hall when she speaks at “The Human Adventure” on 7 th September.

Special guest and ABC Political Reporter Jessica Strutt reflected on her decade of working as a Journalist in Parliament – sharing baked goods, banter and even shoe shine machines with Members – and witnessing the robust debates that shaped Western Australia.

A special aspect of the evening was having our attendees have the special experience of listening to talks in the Legislative Chambers sitting in the same seats used by the Members.

For many, a once in a lifetime memory in the rooms where the machinations of our State begin, and where the buck stops.

Few people will see the inside of Parliament in such an intimate setting. However, it’s heartening to remember even years after they leave, any of our guests could be welcomed back to sit in the Chambers, officially, if they chose to(!)

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