Sheila Humphries

My stolen childhood, and a life to rebuild

TEDxPerth 2017
November 2017

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My stolen childhood, and a life to rebuild | Sheila Humphries | TEDxPerth

"This story is not a pretty one” begins Sheila Humphries who, as a child, was taken from her parents and placed in an orphanage by authorities who thought they knew best. One voice of the stolen Generation, Sheila, with many other indigenous Australian children, suffered cruelty and neglect that has shaped her as an adult, for good and for ill. The effects are still writ large on Sheila’s life and it’s a part of Australian history we must never forget.

Sheila will soon publish her autobiography, Silent Tears.

Use caution viewing this talk, as it contains images of dead persons.

Sheila Humphries
Visual Artist

Sheila was part of the Stolen Generation, and grew up on New Norcia mission in Western Australia. It was the pain of the past that led Sheila to begin traditional painting: her work is all about healing, reconciliation and faith.

Sheila has had her artwork displayed internationally, and she has been involved in numerous high-profile art projects, including her work in designing the largest Australian Aboriginal artwork, recognised in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2007.

Sheila has been successfully selling her art for many years and hopes to continue sharing her story through her artwork and art classes.