Damien Norris

It's time to re-wild your body

TEDxPerth 2018
November 2018

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It's time to re-wild your body | Damien Norris | TEDxPerth

What does it mean to be "fit"? When Damien Norris decided to get back into shape he rejected the orthodoxy that fitness = exercise, and that exercise had to be predictable, routine and BORING. Damien’s journey not only transformed his fitness, but reconnected him to his wild side and what the human body has been capable of for many millennia.

Damien Norris
Founder of The Wilding Project

Damien has led an unconventional life. At 16 he left school to pursue a career in gymnastics, but in his early 20s that dream was cut short through injury.

With no secondary qualifications, Damien coached for a while, travelled and later returned to school as a mature-age student. That choice would dramatically change the course of his life.

Since completing a range of degrees he has worked as a human rights campaigner and aid worker in East Timor, a philosopher, university lecturer, civil and criminal lawyer and public guardian.

In 2016 Damien unexpectedly, and reluctantly, found himself involved with gymnastics again. However this time around, with a whole new perspective on life, wellness and movement, he founded his own movement company called The Wilding Project.