David Carter

Don't wait for permission to go carbon neutral!

November 2020

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Don't wait for permission to go carbon neutral! | David Carter | TEDxPerth

David Carter made his entire business carbon neutral in just 402 days. He explains why and how he did it, and how you can go carbon neutral too. Austral Fisheries has been carbon neutral since 2016 – where he once believed climate change was a taboo topic, he now knows it is all about risk and money – a language business understands perfectly.

David Carter
Chief Executive, Austral Fisheries

David Carter wants to do the right thing. But, like every Chief Executive, he is obligated to protect his business and its shareholders. David will explain how he has led Austral Fisheries, with turnover of $130m, to become one of Australia's first carbon neutral businesses. If you want to get your organisation sustainable, David's insights will be invaluable.